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November 24, 2021 by Tim

So Spider-man is finally coming to Avengers this week. Turns out, he’s packing light.

Previously every time we got a new character in the game, we’ve gotten a chunk of story/missions to go along with it. Really, the little bits of campaign we get and the mechanics of the heroes themselves are the only things this game has managed to do right thus far, so every little bit counts. I’m sure Spider-man will feel great to play as, but without any new missions, they’re basically just asking you to grind through existing stuff with him.

Now, the reason they didn’t bother with any new missions/villains for Spidey is (and I really do get this) that they didn’t want to spend a lot of time making something not everyone could play. I mean, okay, where was that argument at the start of the whole contentious Spider-man exclusivity thing, but whatever, we’re here now, it makes sense. Your game is struggling, why spend resources building a bunch of gated content.

Except now adding Spider-man is in this weird middle ground where nobody feels great. Xbox owners still don’t get Spider-man, and now Playstation owners get a “technically we delivered what we said” update that doesn’t really add much to the game and what it does add seems tacked-on. From what it seems, Spidey is sort of just tacked on. Yeah he’s there, but his heart’s not in it.

They did manage to find the time to ship Spider-man with some 40-odd costumes you can purchase in game though. Because of course they did.

Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’m not working on the holiday, so no comic on Friday. Have a great week, I’ll see you back here Monday!

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