What Is This, A Menu For Ants?!

April 23, 2018 by Tim

Game of the Year contender. That about sums up God of War so far.

I am blown away by this game, and I’d love to talk more about it once I’m further along, but wow that menu text size. They even patched in an option to increase (ie, magnify) the text size, and it barely made a difference.

And that’s a shame, too, because the game is dripping with cool tidbits of norse world-lore, as written from Atreus’ (AKA: Boy) perspective. Some of it is a little… weak. Tips against certain enemies along the gist of “These bad guys like to use attacks. Perhaps if my father blocked with his shield, he could block their attack.” Like, thanks for the heads up, bud.

But there is a lot of great stuff to digest here, but every time I hop into the menus, I feel like my eyes have to take a second to adjust and focus, prepping themselves to decipher the tiny text. It’s like I’m taking an eye exam and being asked to read the bottom row.

Still, not denting my enjoyment of the game. If you have a PS4, it’s a must-play.

More on Dad of War later this week.

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