June 24, 2019 by Tim

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This Auto Chess thing is going to be the Battle Royale genre fad all over again, isn’t it? I am blown away by how fast these companies are pushing out their auto-battlers to capitalize on this mod’s popularity. They all want to stake their claim.

I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone tries to get a piece over the next few months. Blizzard seems particularly well-poised to throw its hat in the ring; Heroes of the Storm seems to be on life-support, but they’ve got that whole library of characters just waiting to re-used.

I know Epic already secured the “original” Auto Chess for eventual release. But I also would not be shocked to see Fortnite suddenly introduce some sort of ‘autobattler mode,’ since they’ve never been shy about shamelessy stealing whatever new gimmick is popular at the moment.

It feels a little unfortunate, if I’m being honest. This small little studio comes up with a neat idea that’s new and unseen and no one has done before, and before they can really get their momentum going, they have all these huge companies rushing in to take the spotlight with their big budget versions.

Business is business, I suppose, it just feels a little icky. Though I admit, I’m still a bit salty that Fortnite of all things “won” the last round. I admit and recognize that it launched as a very polished title, but for me (rough around the edges as it may have been) PUBG was the better Battle Royale game.

I don’t know, I gave Underlords a quick try and… meh. I get it, I guess, I see the strategy involved… I just didn’t think it was much fun, I guess? I haven’t tried the original Auto Chess or League of Legends’ ‘Teamfight Tactics’, though I did see the latter had overtaken Fortnight on Twitch for a while when it was launched.

What do you think, Is there a clear winner so far in the autobattler wars for you? Is it a niche genre, or this summer’s next big thing? Should I give it more of a chance?

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