Ugly Business Strategy

June 17, 2019 by Tim

It doesn’t bother me a bit that the new Avengers game does not feature the MCU heroes (and that’s speaking as a massive fan of the MCU). Anyone who paid even the slightest bit of attention already knew that was not going to be the case way back when they first teased this game. Marvel Studios has spent ten years crafting a pretty tightly woven storyline, that doesn’t leave much space for untold stories. Some of Cap’s time in WW2 maybe, any of Thor or Black Widow’s earlier days I guess… but none once the band got together.

And I’d rather them not try to squeeze one in like “Oh, and inbetween Avengers and Age of Ultron, there was this whole other world-threatening event you never saw and they never mentioned!” I’d rather Marvel develop a Video Game universe and let that be its own thing. So I’m not super bummed that Cap doesn’t look like Chris Evans.

With that said… there’s still no excusing the lazy, hideous costumes some of the heroes are wearing. Cap’s weak-ass riot gear that totally fumbles the marriage between comic suit and reality that the MCU pulled off time and time again… Thor’s massive dinner-plate sized chest medals that feel more like the headlights of an old buick the longer I stare at them… Tony’s dollar-store toy version of the MK43 is probably the least offensive of the bunch, but they all just look… off to me. I like it when they try new things with heroes’ costumes, but these aren’t clicking.

As they’ve announced that A) They want to support this game long term and B) they’re not going to charge for new heroes/levels, that only leaves one real source of income for their microtransactions: cosmetic skins* (which they’ve confirmed will be in the game and I’m guessing we got a glimpse of in the trailer with the Starboost/Gemini Iron Man Armor).

*And let me also state that I have never had a problem with microtransactions are long as they are cosmetic only.

So I would not be AT ALL surprised to find that, via an in-game skin, we can actually get an outfit for Cap that looks like the MCU Strike Suit, or the Endgame scale mail, or a comic-classic suit.

They may just be sold separately, in which case the Eyesore Avengers up there may in fact be a shrewd business tactic.

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