Found A Bad Ad?

Advertising is an important part of our business model. Ad revenue keeps the site running and, apart from contributing via Patreon, it’s a great way for you to support the website and the work we do here. As such, we value our readers that turn off their ad blockers for this site.

Out of respect for those readers, we do our best to make sure the ads we run are as unobtrusive and as least annoying as possible. Ctrl+Alt+Del will never sanction or permit ads that autoplay sound, create pop-ups, or redirect our users.

However, due to the nature of ad exchanges, we don’t get to curate every single ad that may appear on our site, and sometimes bad agents find ways to circumvent our protective measures. If that happens, if you receive a bad ad, we want to track it down and get rid of it. But we need your help to do it. Any time you receive an ad that autoplays sound or redirects you, please come to this page and submit a report. Our system will log the most recent ad you received so that our team can review it and blacklist it if its breaking the rules.