Tastes like fire

May 12, 2004 by Tim

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So in case you’re wondering what what Ethan is talking about, there’s a free trial for Guild Wars going on during E3. The game is still in alpha stages, but it’s pretty entertaining. I reccomend checking it out cause, hey, it’s free.

Now, I haven’t played The Sims for a couple of years now, ever since my best friend and I thought it would be fun to create a couple of bachelor pimps, Ceasar and Rico Suave. We found out mightily fast that it’s pretty hard to be pimp when all of the girls in the neighborhood are fucking married. So we remedied the situation by creating a couple of single girls. It was about that time our interest was distracted by something else. Probably a pie, or something. The point is, it’s been a while.

However, when I first picked up the game, waaaay back when it was first released, I did find it to be entertaining. I installed the game, fired it up, and spent god-knows how long building a couple of sims, and a home for them to live in. And then it took me all of ten minutes to set fire to the kitchen and drown one of them in the pool. Ahh, good times.

The Sims 2 is due out sometime soon, and I spent a little bit of time last night fucking around with the Body Shop. Visually, this game has a really cool feel to it. The Sims was never a game that could hold my attention for more than a few days, but those few days were usually pretty damned fun.

I’m still hard at work. If you’re curious to know what I’m working on, view Monday’s news post.

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