The T-shirts have arrived

August 18, 2003 by Tim

I always have so much worthless crap to write about here, and then when I actually sit down to fill in the empty space, I’ve got nothing. Strange how that works.

The comic is up… I supppose that’s the most important part.

But runner up in ‘hey neat’ factor would be the Ctrl+Alt+Del Store. It’s getting an infusion of new products, starting with the first two T-shirt designs of the new CAD apparel line.

Now let me explain how this works. First of all, only Ethan and Chef Brian are available at the moment. I will be releasing more over the next couple of days. So, unless you absolutely have to have one of those two shirts, you may want to wait a day or two and see what Lucas, Lilah, Ted and Scott have to say. I want to make sure you get the shirt you want.

Also concerning shirts… they are currently on pre-order status. This is because it is simply the easiest way to insure that you get the color and size combination that you want. If you don’t pre-order, then you run the risk of choosing a size/color that I don’t have in stock, and having to wait for backorder.

I need at least four orders of each design before I send it to the printer, and you can find out how many orders I still need per shirt on the shirt pages themselves.

Also coming to the store this week, besides the rest of the shirts, will be GameBoy Advance SP and Xbox console skins, as well as the Ten Commandments poster. So keep an eye out if you’re one of the people that have been looking for those particular items.

As always, any questions regarding product availability can be emailed to me.

I’m sure as soon as I leave the computer I’ll think of more crap to write about, but I’ll post that later.

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