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May 2, 2011 by Tim

Holy mackeral, Digital Overload 2011 is at the end of this month!

I’m really excited to get down to Baltimore for this year’s event. We have a lot of really cool stuff planned, and a ton of incredible sponsors for our 6th annual event! Microsoft, ThinkGeek, SUMO, League of Legends, Funcom and more have all signed on to supply us with a ton of awesome stuff to give to attendees!

We’ve also got a really cool Minecraft competition that I’m looking forward to seeing, among our other tournaments. I’m also really anxious to see how the new Mortal Kombat does in a competitive setting (and projected onto huge screens!).

My primary focus for the last couple of months has been getting the CAD board game into a prototype stage where it can be played and tested by Digital Overload attendees. Everything is looking good so far, and I should have a couple of prototypes on hand for testing.

The game is sort of a dungeon crawl-esque experience, with randomly drawn enemies. As I was working on some of the monster cards in Photoshop, I came up with a fun idea. Everyone who tests the game at Digital Overload will be entered into a raffle. At the end, I’ll draw a random ticket, and the winner will be drawn into the game as one of the dungeon’s evil denizens!

Want to be Josh the Vampire Cyborg? Or Michael, Lord of the Fire Monkeys? Come to Digital Overload and help break/improve the game by being a tester! Right now my goal is to run testing on Saturday afternoon of the event. We’ll be opening up testing sign-ups for registered attendees very shortly.

Hope to see you there!

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