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January 14, 2004 by Tim

Well, as I promised, today I am releasing the first of the Winter-een-mas greeting cards. These cards are free for everyone to use. Just print them out on standard 8.5×11 paper, fold them and give them away! I reccomend saving them to your computer and then printing them out from there.

I left the images as high quality so they are very large. I did this because at a lower resolution, they’d look like crap when printed. There is a full color version, and a grayscale version for those that don’t want to print in color.

These ones you just fold in half. It makes a large card.

Large Color

Large Black and White

These ones you fold four times. It makes a smaller card.

Small Color

Small Black and White

More will follow soon.

Also, as promised, I wrote up some information about Winter-een-mas. You can read up on that in the post below this one.

And don’t forget that for the Winter-een-mas holiday, January 25th-31st, I will be updating the comic every day of the week.

Also, we were reviewed on Comixpedia yesterday. The reviewer was of the opinion that you needed to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy Ctrl+Alt+Del. As of this post, there were over 160 comments from you guys disagreeing with that statement. You never fail to amaze me. I can imagine that the Comixpedia guys were a bit surprised too.

But please keep in mind that though you may disagree with the reviewer’s opinion, he is still entitled to it, and please refrain from attacking him with insults.

And here once again is that overwhelming magic bar of support that shows just how much people love CAD. Incredible.

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