Afraid… like a fox

August 12, 2005 by Tim

I was first exposed to F.E.A.R. at E3 this year when Brian and I were attempting to get free hot dogs. Some of you may remember me commenting about the game after I returned from L.A.

At first it struck me as just another first-person shooter, and I was pretty unimpressed. Then a Microsoft employee came over and told me to press the Ctrl key while playing, and suddenly I had a Max-Payne Bullet Time effect, which worked surprisingly well from a first-person perspective.

I played the multiplayer demo when it was released and now the single player demo. It’s a really neat game with a really awful title.

It’s one of those acronyms where you can tell they just chose a word they though sounded cool, and then tried to assign a meaningful word to each letter. It didn’t really work in this case.

So next week I guess I’ll be at Otakon down in Baltimore, Maryland. Not doing any panels, but I’ll be in the dealer’s room hanging out with Brian and Scotty-boy. Swing by and say hello.

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