Ahhh, much better

November 25, 2009 by Tim

I’ll tell you, it feels like we’ve been working on this for months. Though that’s probably because we’ve been working on this for months.

This marks the fourth time we’ve redesigned the website in the seven years I’ve been doing Ctrl+Alt+Del, and let’s face it, it was long overdue.

And so I present to you CAD 4.0! You’ll find that just about everything is still here, just a little prettier and easier to access. You’ll also find a number of new bells and whistles, thanks to Pierre.

Of the seven years I’ve been doing this, Pierre has been with me for more than five of them. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to not only count him as a friend, but as one of my most trusted associates. If not for Pierre working his code magic behind the scenes, I’d be lucky to get the comic up on the website, much less all of the cool features he makes look so easy. So huge credit and thanks to Pierre!

Also of note, you’ll want to make sure your bookmarks and RSS feeds are updated, as some of the URLs may have changed. And feel free to shoot Pierre a message if you notice any part of the website exploding or otherwise acting wonky!

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