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January 3, 2007 by Tim

Just a heads up that I’ll be going on vacation for a week starting this coming Sunday. I’ve just finished up the comics for the next two weeks, so updates won’t skip a beat.

‘Tis the Winter-een-mas season, and the holiday will be here before you know it. If you’re curious about celebrating, head on over to the WEMas website. There’s a FAQ and a forum where you can chat with other fans, and also find/organize WEMas events. Online Winter-een-mas events in multiplayer games like MMOs were pretty popular last year.

My game of choice at the moment is Tiger Woods 07. I bought my parents a 360 for Christmas so we could game together, and they’ve been pretty hooked on it. I need to keep up with my Tiger Woods practice as much as I can, because my Dad gives me a run for my money in Battle Golf.

I never played TW PGA 06, but I like the general direction EA has been heading with their sports games, and using the analog stick in more creative ways. I just wish they allowed multiple people to join online games from the same console. I can understand why not in ranked matches, but what’s the problem with allowing it for unranked matches?

Speaking of party gaming, $45 pre-registration with a free t-shirt for Digital Overload ends on January 15th. I just want to make sure people know about it, so nobody misses out.

A fan by the name of John Fowler has started working on a Ctrl+Alt+Del game. It’s looking pretty nifty. I won’t link to the website, because we sucked up all their bandwidth last time, but there’s a thread about it in our forums, if you’re curious.

Personally I think he should make it co-op. Good co-op games have been in short supply these past few years, but it seems developers are starting to wake up to the idea that Deathmatch is not the end-all of multiplayer gameplay. After the Gears of War co-op campaign play, it’s hard not to yearn for more.

We’ve got Crackdown coming up soon. Demo in a few weeks, full game in February. No word yet on whether the demo will be multiplayer or single player. Fingers crossed for multi.

There’s another game I’ve been following called Army of Two. They’re talking about taking co-op gameplay to new heights, but integrating practically everything. You get shot up? You’d better tap those buttons as fast as possible to run away from the light, while your buddy performs CPR.

See, I like this idea, because the friends I play co-op with are brutal to eachother. So in theory I should be able to let them sit there pounding buttons trying not to die while I go into great verbal detail about the turkey sandwich I’m eating. For ten minutes.

Or better yet, extortion. “How much is CPR worth to ya, eh?”

Oh yeah, that’s a good co-op experience right there.

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