August 29, 2014 by Tim

So that wrap up ‘Best Served Cold.’ This one got away from me a little bit. I started the story with a two-week outline. About a week in, I got the idea for the new ending (Groff’s father being the reanimated guardian of the phylactery), and I felt it was a far more interesting. Plus, it was sort of now or never; if I didn’t use the idea now, when would I ever get the opportunity again?

Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I’m glad I added the extra couple of weeks to tell it. I hope you enjoyed it.

From this point, the next storyline to hit the website will be the first issue of the Ethan/Lucas reboot. My Patrons just received the very first sneak peek at one of the inked pages.

After that first issue concludes, we’ll dive into issue #02 of The Starcaster Chronicles and find out what Cort is up to.

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