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November 30, 2011 by Tim

Apparently someone made a Skyrim iPhone app called Dragon Shout. Though at first the idea sounds amusing and silly and unecessary, I’ll be the first one to admit that the app actually looks pretty handy.

Right now it’s a world map where you can place markers for locations of things, items you need to come back for, chests you don’t have the skill to unlock yet… an ongoing journal and notebook for your adventures.

For a future update they suggest the ability to share your adventures with friends… however it occurs to me that perhaps a lot of the stuff we do in Skyrim is better left in Skyrim.

Now, I haven’t been playing my Orc warrior as any sort of sociopathic serial killer or anything of that sort, but by the gods he’s no saint either. I don’t care where I’m at, if your stuff isn’t nailed down, it’s coming with me.

And I’ve certainly had my moments of… well, not so much “can I kill this guy and get away with it”, but more “can I kill this guy and kill all the witnesses.” And there was the time I betrayed this lady to the guys that were hunting her (after promising I’d help her), and once I’d collected my reward, I killed both her and the hunters and took all their stuff.

We’ll call those momentary lapses in morality. Not the sort of thing I necessarily want to create a little shrine to in my phone. I don’t need to create a little tourist map, a little sightseeing guide if you will, to all of the evil things I’ve done in Skyrim when no one was looking.

But for stuff like alchemy ingredients… yeah, that sounds useful.

Also, you should check out this trailer for indie-game-in-development Gunpoint. It looks pretty awesome.

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