An open letter to Jack Thompson

October 12, 2005 by Tim

I don’t want to waste too much of my time on this guy; deep down we all know that not even being skullfucked by a cinderblock is going to knock any common sense into this guy. But certain things still need to be said.

Many of you have heard about his “modest proposal”. Aside from that fact that this idea was born inside the mind of the anti-intelligence himself, a couple of things bugged me about this.

First of all, is it really “charity” if you’re asking something in return? Why not just donate the money for the sake of helping other people, Jack? Why do you have to use it as a publicity stunt to try and keep yourself in the spotlight?

But what got me the most is that Jack knows nobody is going to take him up on his offer, and that fact means this whole thing is just a desparate cry for attention. I’ll bet he’s thinking that he’s so damned clever for coming up with that well-planned jab at the video game industry, but the rest of us folk with a fully-functional brain just have to wonder… what the fuck? I’ve seen better insults made by kids with two brain-cells left after a whip-it* bender.

(*The act of huffing the compressed gas in a whipped cream can)

Ten-thousand dollars is a lot of money, and would really benefit some charities. But why would a video game company spend the millions of dollars it takes to design, develop, produce and market a video game, when they could just donate the ten grand themselves and be done with it? Why don’t you offer something that would actually motivate these companies, such as offering to throw yourself off a cliff.

Anyway, for the record, I agree with keeping violent video games out of the hands of children under 18. Make it illegal for a minor to buy M-rated video games. That seems perfectly reasonable to me. However that is where the line is drawn.

I’m an adult, and if I want to play a video game that contains violence or sex, that’s my constitutional right. And it’s the right of the developers to create these games.

Don’t start trying to fuck with the choices of adults, Jack, unless you’re prepared to take on pornography, alcohol, cigarrettes and gambling. And booze, cigs and poker have been proven to have negative mental and physical effects on people. You can’t say that about video games.

And pornography… well porn is just great. Everyone loves porn.

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