Once I saw that there was a demo for the PC version of G.R.A.W. available, I had to give it a shot, mainly to see my PhysX card in action. The game in itself, however, really surprised me. In particular, just how much better it was than the 360 version. And that’s saying something, because I thought the 360 version was amazing.

Really nifty particle effects and explosions aside, the control scheme is just perfect. I suppose some games are just meant to be played under specific conditions. The Xbox 360 controls were good, but mouse and keyboard approach just feels more natural with the game. Kind of like how I enjoy Halo on the console, but the PC version felt awkward.

I was impressed enough by the demo that I bought G.R.A.W. on the PC, even though I already own it for the 360. I used Direct2Drive to get it, because it was just too convenient to pass up. Usually if I have to go to the store to get something, I can reason myself out of it on the grounds of being lazy. But a few clicks and it’s on my hard drive? My willpower can’t stand up to that.

Pleasantly, the campaign is varied enough from the 360 version that it still feels fresh and different on the PC. And the multiplayer is awesome, save for it’s lack of cheat protection, and a few bugs.

And did I mention the nifty PhysX explosions? I’m champing at the bit over here waiting for Issue 7 for City of Heroes/Villains to be released. They said “the end of May”, and given their penchant for releasing updates on Tuesdays, this most likely means the 30th; the last possible date they could release and still claim they were on time.

I’m still wading through CADMedia writer applications. I haven’t sent out any emails yet, so don’t panic if you haven’t heard anything. Once I’ve chosen my writers, and sent out emails inviting them onboard, I will mention it here.

Good luck to college students still in the middle of finals, and congrats to everyone already on summer vacation!

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