…and new beginnings

November 26, 2012 by Tim

First of all, a big thank you to the many, many people that contacted me over this past weekend with their opinions and their support. I enjoyed hearing from all of you, even if I couldn’t respond to everyone personally.

After talking with so many people, and doing a lot of thinking, I spent the last couple of days drawing another three comics (well, one big one, anyway) to follow Friday’s comic. I went to my original drafts of this story, and put together a series of panels that I hope will help people find closure with the end of this storyline.

I was happy with the open ending, but I’ve also been living with the knowledge that this was coming for years. The characters live in my head and I never had any doubt that Lucas, Lilah and Zeke would end up alright in the aftermath of Ethan’s sacrifice. If drawing a few more panels can help some of you reach a similar level of comfort and closure here, then that’s something I’m happy to do. 

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