July 31, 2013 by Tim

I won’t recap the events that transpired if somehow you have not yet heard the story, but I will offer a brief opinion on it: both parties are incredibly at fault. There is no winner here, and nobody is better off as a result. The entire thing is just sad on both sides.

In other news, it turns out Batman: Arkham Origins will have multiplayer. And not just any old multiplayer, but rather a fairly interesting 3v3v2 setup that pits a team of Joker’s goons vs a team of Bane’s goons vs Batman and Robin. It looks and sounds fun, in a chaotic sort of way.

A month or two ago I might have said “Eh, it’s probably just going to be tacked on…” But frankly after playing The Last of Us’ multiplayer mode for so many hours (easily more than I spent in the amazing single player campaign), I’m plenty open to the idea. I’m excited to see how it works out.

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