Arrr….walk the plank, matey!

October 20, 2003 by Tim

So I finished Max Payne 2 last night, inbetween work. Although I felt the game was entirely too short, I count that towards my feelings that it was an excellent game. And let’s face it. When do we ever not want more of a great game? The end was pretty satisfying, and I’m going to wait a day or so, then play through it on the hardest difficulty settings, before I shelve it for something new.

So guess who turns one year old this week. That’s right. Us. This Wednesday, Ctrl+Alt+Del will officially be one year old. Expect a sentimental rant with Wednesday’s comic. You have been warned.

I’ll be plugging this periodically right up until the convention, but I am a guest at this year’s Nekocon. I’ll be doing some panels, so if you have any questions about creating web comics, or about CAD specifically, then would be a great time to ask me. I’ll also be bringing some shirts and posters to sell. So if you can make it, swing on by. It’s supposed to be a nice convention.

This past weekend’s CAD GameDay was an absolute blast. We pretty much had the server packed the entire time, and we played for twelve hours straight, from noon to midnight. Everyone had a great time, and I’d like to thank S2 Games for their help and support with our GameDay. I haven’t decided on this weekend’s GameDay yet, but I’m giving it some thought, and will post as soon as I’ve decided.

Some of you may remember a couple of weeks ago I was gearing up to assemble a new computer. Well, I bought my case, then held off going any further for two reasons. One was I didn’t have the money, but more importantly, I wasn’t sure which direction to take. People kept telling me that the new Athlon64 was just around the corner, and that I should wait.

Well, I held off, and now the Athlon64 is out. My question to you is this… is it really worth it? I mean, I could get a 3000+ Barton Athlon AND a NVidia chipset motherboard for what it would cost for the Athlon64 alone. I know 64bit is the future… but is it really worth spending the extra money for it now, even though there are no 64bit applications yet?

I mean, by the time Windows 64 comes out, the 64bit processors will be cheaper than they are now, right? Plus there’s only one or two motherboards that currently support the Athlon64, and neither of them run Nvidia chipsets.

If anyone wants to offer me some advice (with a valid argument either way), I’ll be happy to listen to it. I really need a better computer, because I’m just putting too much strain on my current one. I work with very large and complicated Photoshop files, and my 1ghz Thunderbird is starting to feel the hurt.

But don’t try and pitch me Pentium. I prefer Athlon, and couldn’t care less about the P4EE or anything else they come up with.

Also, some recommendations on a good brand name of RAM. I’m currently running 768MB, but it’s a couple of years old… like PC133-ish.

Thank you in advance for the flood of emails I know I’m going to get offering me advice. You guys seriously rock. I know I can count on you.

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