Bear in a cup

December 12, 2005 by Tim

I got into Condemned this past weekend, and it is now one of my favorite titles for the 360. It may be short and completely linear, but the atmostphere is unmatched. It had me and a few friends scream out on more than one occasion. It gets the adrenaline up and the nerves on edge.

I really enjoy the combat system, which is simple but involving at the same time. And the fact that it never takes you out of the first person while playing completes the immersion. There are certain moments when this is executed wonderfully, like in the train station and on the back of the subway car.

It is scary though, so be warned. Especially once you get into the department store. It helps to have people around when you play it.

EVE Online is my current MMO of choice, not only because the game is really deep, but the developement staff at CCP are a bunch of pretty cool guys who work really hard to constantly improve and expand the EVE universe.

Some fans have even started a Ctrl+Alt+Del Corporation. You can get details and chat with other fans in the channel “CTRLALTDEL”. I pop in there every so often to say hello, when I’m not busy mining and doing cargo runs.

Winter-een-mas is around the corner, so we’ll start gearing up for that shortly after Christmas.

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