Bloody hell

July 2, 2004 by Tim

This is what happens. I wake up, and have like sixty bajillion emails in my mailbox about Interplay shutting down. I look at the article, and sure enough it says Interplay was shut down. Apparently not one of all of those people bothered to look at the date that article was posted, and it’s my fault for not looking myself. It appears the article is a month old.

This followup was apparently posted a few days later.

You know what? I don’t give a shit about Interplay anymore. It seems like every other week I’m on a fucking rollercoaster with them. “They might declare bankruptcy” then “oh wait, they’re gonna try a Fallout MMO to pull out of the nose dive” then “nope, they were shut down by the state” then “ha! they’re open again!”.

Fuck it. Seriously. I love Fallout as much as the next guy, but Interplay can suck my ass, and Herve Caen can be at the front of the line. I just don’t care anymore.

If another Fallout title hits the shelves, I’ll post about it. Until that happens, I’m not getting my hopes up anymore.

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