July 6, 2012 by Tim

Five years ago we relased Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 3: Critical System Failure. And since then, I have not released Volume 4.

Honestly, I have no real excuse. I just keep putting it off, telling myself “I’ll work on it later this year” or “I’ll do it right after this other project I’m working on” and it just kept getting pushed to the back burner. And then sometime a couple of years ago we sold out of our last copies of Volume 2, and that just made things worse.

Well, I’m happy to finally say that this year I kicked my ass into gear and not only put together a shiny new reprint of Volume 2 with a new cover, but also finally put together the long absent, all-new Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 4: Working As Intended.

The books each collect roughly 150 comics from the archives, and include commentary on every single page, from both myself and the characters in the strip, detailing various insights and behind-the-scenes stuff concerning the comics.

We’ll be opening preorders for the new books on Monday July 9, with the books expected to ship the first week of August. We do preorders on our books because it helps us get a realistic idea of how many we need to have printed, to both cover initial demand and make sure we have some in stock for the foreseeable future. We’ll be offering a variety of money-saving bundles and bonuses for early pre-orderers.

The first 1000 preorders receive a free small Zeke plush figure with their order. The first 500 preorders will also receive a limited signed and numbered 8×10 art print of Ethan and Lucas.

Also, in addition to the standard softcover books, we’ll be making available a very small run of 250 Limited Edition Hardcover copies of both Volume 2 with the new cover, and Volume 4. These books have ‘Limited Edition’ on the cover, and come with a signed and numbered certificate. They’re really nice.

The prices for the books will be:

Volume 2: Press Start – $19.99

Volume 2: Press Start Limited Hardcover (with signed/numbered certificate) – $29.99

Volume 4: Working As Intended – $19.99

Volume 4: Working As Intended Limited Hardcover (with signed/numbered certificate) – $29.99


Volume 2 and Volume 4 Bundle – $35.99 (10% savings)

Volume 2 Hardcover and Volume 4 Hardcover Bundle – $53.99 (10% savings)

We’ll also be offering a 4-pack bundle of all the Ctrl+Alt+Del (softcover) books, Vol 1 through 4, for $64.99 (a 15% savings).

Again, the preorder sale starts Monday at SplitReason.

I’m sorry it took so long to get these out. I know a lot of people have had a Volume 2 shaped hole in their book collection since it’s been unavailable, and there’s no reason Volume 4 should have taken five years. I’ve already started on Volume 5 to make sure we can put it out early next year.

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