September 28, 2007 by Tim

Fans of Prison Break will get a little extra out of today’s strip, I think. I watched the first season on DVD earlier this year, on a whim, and was surprised when I really enjoyed it. I was still skeptical that they would be able to keep it going in a second season, but when that came out on DVD a few weeks ago, I plowed through it fast enough to catch up in time for the start of the new season. And so far it’s looking like it will continue to be a pretty damned good show.

I played some 4 person Halo co-op with some people the other night… the 4-player part was great, but I just wasn’t really all that impressed otherwise. It almost seemed too crowded, and making the three other players alien-creatures was just too confusing. In the middle of a big fight, they looked just like everyone else. In my opinion a squad of Spartans would have been the way to go.

I think the most fun was just killing each other, though. I was particularly fond of driving a warthog off a cliff, and jumping out at the last second, while Brian, still in the gunner seat, careened over the edge along with the vehicle.

I’ve been playing Skate more than Halo 3, but I still jump on occasionally
for some matches. At least for the next two weeks until The Orange Box
comes out. Then Halo will probably get shelved in favor of TF2.

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