Bring on the consoles

November 2, 2013 by Tim

And with that, this little tale draws to a close. On Monday the one-shots and regular MWF update schedule will resume.

I want to thank everyone for their feedback regarding this method of storytelling. Many of you liked it, some of you did not. I was happy to find that things fell pretty much in line with my expectations in that department.

This format is most definitely a work-in-progress, which is why I chose to debut it with this story, as opposed to the Ethan and Lucas reboot. Putting this together was a learning process, which I’ll use going forward. Your feedback over the last few weeks also helped to indentify or reaffirm some areas that need tweaking.

First and foremost, for future storylines, I will make a point to include at least one illustration per page. As a result of writing in long-form and then transferring the story to the dimensions and format of the final product, we ended up with some pages that were all art, and some pages that were all prose. While words can paint a powerful picture on their own, my goal with this format is to use the two mediums in balance.

I’ve also collected notes in regards to what sort of things I should be using each medium for. Which parts of the story benefit the most from one or the other. So that is something I’ll be focusing on more in future attempts as well.

At any rate, I’m pleased to be finally bringing story and plot back to the website, and in a manner that does not also hold up one-shots for months on end. If I had told this story under the old format, it would last into the new year. This way, I’ve told it in a few weeks, and finished in time for the new console launches this month.

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