Caching, part 2

April 15, 2017 by Tim

This is the latest I’ve received from Ryan at ScreenWave regarding the front page caching:

We believe the issue is resolved. We made a change to the server caching first and we’re seeing the front page cache clear when you are posting comics. A few days later we made a change to invalidate users local browser caches in the same process. That was tested with every device we have. The only people left are the people who the last time they visited the site was when the problem existed, and not again with a refresh. Those people will get hit at the natural cache expiration which may have already happened.

We really want to get this issue ironed out, but it’s difficult because it’s affecting a very small percentage of readers, and we can only really see if changes were effective when I post a new comic, every 2-3 days.
If this problem does still persist for any of you, it’s helpful for you to provide as much information regarding your browser type and version as possible, and whether you have tried forcing your cache clear. You can either do this with Ctrl+F5 or CMD+F5, or barring that, manually clearing them via the settings menu of your browser.

I do appreciate your patience while we work out this kink.

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