CAD Animation Debuts

February 3, 2006 by Tim

The pilot episode for the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series 
has launched! We’re really happy how
everything came together for this first episode, and the feedback we’ve been getting is great!

very, very exciting for myself and Blind Ferret entertainment to see
this project launch, and the support has been overwhelming. It was a
learning experience for everyone involved, and we want to extend a big
thank you to everyone who signed up for the CAD Premium membership and
made this a success.

Not only do CAD Premium members get a new
animation every month, but also a ton of other goodies. In the last
month, subscribers got an exclusive comic strip, a bunch of wallpapers,
and some sneek peeks into upcoming CAD projects and artwork.

If you haven’t signed up for CAD Premium, you
can still do so. A 12-month membership is only $24.95, and will give
you access to the next 12 months of animation and content, viewable
whenever you like.

The first month is available for $1.95 for
people that want to try it before committing to a full year.
Subscribing for the month will only give you access to the content for
that month. However if you buy the month of February, and then decide
to subscribe for the year, you only pay the balance ($23). The introductory rate of $1.95 for the month applies to February only.

again, thank you to everyone who subscribed and made this animated
series a reality. We’ve got a great year in store for you!

Some FAQS:

Q. Is there a way to buy just the animation?

A. Basically what you’re paying for is the animation. All of the other extra content is stuff I throw in there to make CAD Premium as good a deal as possible for you. But the animation is the expensive part to produce, and it’s the flagship for CAD Premium, so that’s why there is a subscription fee.

Q. So if I purchase by the month, it’s $1.95?

A. Only for the month of February, as an introductory offer. After February the price per month goes up, as does the price of the 12-month subscription.

Q. What formats are the animation offered in?

A. We offer Windows Media (.wmv), Quicktime (.mov), and Flash Video (.swf)

Q. I’m having a problem signing up, or my password won’t work. Or the videos won’t play for me.

A. Email Blind Ferret or post in the CAD Premium Technical Support forum and someone will be with you as quickly as possible. I personally can’t fix any of these technical issues for you, so it’s more efficient to email your problem cadpremium at blindferret dot com.

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