CADLAN 2004?

May 5, 2004 by Tim

I’ve had a decent amount of interest in this idea. A few people have mentioned a LAN center in Virginia here. I think the problem with that is that we’d be capped at forty-eight people playing at one time. Which means that if more than that attended, there wouldn’t be much to do. However we’d be less restricted. Everything would already be set up, the games would already be installed, and we could come and go as we pleased, and maybe all hit up a nearby theater to catch a movie or something.

Our other option is considering going all out. The full monty. We find a venue to rent, and organize an actual, full-fledged LAN party. I’ve had one company willing to donate some machines for use, and people could bring their own. People could bring consoles and more. Basically we’d be relying a whole lot on what people could bring. TV’s to use, to play consoles and run movies on, etc.

So definitely me if this is something you’re interested in attending, because I need to know what kind of crowd we’ll pull in order to decide on the actual events.

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