I always knew CADMedia
would have to be a group project; it’s far too much for one man to
cover alone. E3 really drove that point home, so I’m now going to start
taking applications for volunteer writers to work on the site.

You can find the guidelines here.
If the guidelines seem strict, it’s because I expect to receive a lot
of applications, and am currently only choosing a small handful of
people to start out. A tougher application process may trim that amount
down to only the people that really want to work on CADMedia, and it
will also make it easier for me to process the applications.

going to take and review applications for about a week, maybe two,
before I start making my decision. After which I’ll email the people
I’ve chosen and start the next step of the process. If you don’t
receive an email, keep an eye on the site. I’m sure I’ll have open
positions again in the future.

And lastly, if you are going to submit an application, I’d like you to
honestly evaluate your interest before doing do. I know there are some
of you thinking “hey, it would be so cool to write for CAD”. And
hopefully it will be a really cool experience for everyone involved.
But if you feel like you’d write two or three articles, and then once
the novelty of seeing your name on the website dies off, you’ll lose
interest and disappear, please don’t submit an application. I’d rather
be processing applications from people who are seriously interested in
video game journalism.

Good luck everyone.

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