Call of Duty Multiplayer- Finally

March 22, 2006 by Tim

Call of Duty on the 360 has finally been patched. There is a report that lists some of the confirmed features, and I’ll repost them here to make your life easier.

  • Can actually host a game now.
  • Lobbies fully implemented including game options and pre-game smack talk.
  • Hoster can kick players.
  • Private matches are allowed.
  • You can select any map of choice.
  • Score and time limits configurable.
  • Post-game lobby after the game is over.
  • Can invite players to game.
  • You can see enemy names in-game.
  • No noticeable lag continuously disrupting games.

Wow. That’s pretty much all the community bitching felled in a single, devastating blow.

Now the real question on my mind is this- is it too little, too late? There was a time I desparately wanted to enjoy CoD, but these issues, mainly the lag, made it very difficult.

But now I have G.R.A.W. and Fight Night on XBL. Not to mention Oblivion sapping man hours elsewhere. I’ll tell you though, the CoD Killcam just may be enough to get me back in for a few rounds.

I had been considering doing a PC CAD GameDay this coming weekend, but now I’m pondering a CoD GameDay instead. I really hate to cold shoulder the non-360 owners that want to game with me, but XBL games are so much easier to host/manage.

I’ll have to give this some thought. You’ll have my decision on Friday.

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