Captain Varlos- Agreement Reached

February 3, 2006 by Tim

Correspondance from Sony Online Entertainment received as follows:

In Re:

Dear Sir or Madam:

you for your assistance in clarifying that, despite our best
information at the time, the recent staffing issue involving an
employee of one of our subsidiaries (“The Far Seas Trading Company” )
has not yet been resolved to all parties’ full and complete
satisfaction as we were led to believe.

After further discussions
with Mr. Varlos, we are pleased to announce his promotion to Admiral
and a redisitribution of his existing responsibilities. In his new
position, he will be free to roam the seas of Norrath as he chooses.

the overseers of both islands have agreed to provide him with the
option of “supervising” the distribution routes of both Blackburrow
Stout and Captain Orlin’s Spiced Rum between Queen’s Colony and the
Outpost of the Overlord, as he is welcome to spend as much time as he
likes in either area.

We sincerely hope this puts this issue to rest, and are grateful for your assistance in resolving this matter.


Scott Hartsman
Senior Producer, EverQuest II

Captain Varlos wished to make a statement regarding the aforementioned negotiations and settlement.

We here at Ctrl+Alt+Del are happy to see that a mutually beneficial arrangement could be reached regarding the relocation of Mr. Varlos’ obviously talented services.

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