Carnage Con Carne

July 13, 2007 by Tim

So yup, I’ll be up in Hartford tonight at the Connecticut Convention Center for ConnectiCon. Can’t cats catch cool cucumbers or cull crispy critters con carne? Okaaaay, enough of that.

As I mentioned, I’m not really attending the convention in an “official” capacity, though I will be doing a panel tonight from 7:30-8:30. I don’t know which room, you’ll have to check the program book. Man, I sure hope no stupid people decide to come sit on the panel with me.

On an entirely unrelated note, the topic for tonight’s panel will be “Brians are dumb”. Come on by, we’ll have a great time. No guarantees, though.

Other than the panel, I’ll just be “around”. Feel free to approach me if you see me, I only stab one out of every thirteen strangers. Your odds are pretty good. I won’t have any goods to exchange for your money, but I’m happy to sign things for you if you bring them. Print out a comic or something, I don’t know. I may also be found hanging out at Jerkneck Loserhair’s table, being as distracting and obnoxious as possible.

So two games I wanted to talk about briefly. First is The Bigs, from 2K Sports. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve played a baseball game, but this one turned out to be fairly enjoyable, if a bit cheap when it came to playing the computer. It could use some improvements (fielding is a bit of a pain in the ass), but overall it was an entertaining game. Especially the Homerun Pinball mode, whereby you and the pitcher are in Times Square, and you are attempting to fire homeruns into every breakable object to rack up points. It gets quite addictive.

The other game I’ve been playing is Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, which I had imported from the UK, because I just didn’t want to wait for the fall US release date (and it’s region free, no modding required). I’m glad I did, because the game is hilarious. Think of Burnout, but with more destruction, and your driver isn’t cemented to his car seat. Oh no, you hit an immovable object doing 90mph, you’d better believe that sucker is going right through the windshield.

The destruction is outstanding, and the races are pretty fun and even challenging. It’s even got a ton of silly games that involve launching your driver out of your car towards targets. One of my favorite modes is the destruction derby, though it doesn’t seem like a lot of people play it online. May need to wait for the US release to see more online games opening up. But it’s a really fun game. If you don’t mind the extra money to import it, I’d recommend finding a place to order it. Otherwise, the fall isn’t too far away, keep an eye out for it. Here’s a trailer.

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