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May 7, 2003 by Tim

Today’s comic strip (which I’ll point out is up very, very early in the AM) is based off of this news release. Well… partially based off of it anyway. I love that I can post comic relative links now, and have it mean something for future readers, since our news is now being archived. It’s […]

Back by popular demand…

May 5, 2003 by Tim

I’ve been receiving a few emails asking for more Chef Brian strips. So today I present you with some six panel Chef Brian goodness. I had considered drawing up a comic about X-Men 2, but then decided against it, seeing as how every other web comic seems to be doing just that. I’ll save my […]


May 4, 2003 by Tim

The new review system is up and running, and the first thing I tested it on was X-Men 2. Go check out the review in the Reviews section! As for me, I’m going to sleep.


by Tim

I’ve been informed that the link for A Modest Destiny isn’t working. The news-editing function isn’t working yet, so I’m reposting it here.

Absath said it was coming and here it is. The new site design! Now sporting a wonderful php foundation and some pretty nifty admin code life could be much happier around here now. Rastin covered most of the basics. I’d also like to add that if you have any ideas for features feel free to […]

Well…If you haven’t already noticed, the new site is now up and running. If you see any sort of bugs, please be sure to let either me or Stocad know. You can find our e-mail addresses at the bottom of the page in the copyright info :P. If you do encounter a bug the most […]

As I’m sure you can see…well, not you, blindy… but the rest of you, the new site design is up. We’re still settling in here, so bear with us. Feel free to look around. Hope you enjoy the new look, and the new features.

Blasted mutants!

May 2, 2003 by Tim

The comic was up late evening today, on account of the spectacular X-Men 2. I was skeptical about this movie. It could very easily have tanked. As far as I’m concerned, it didn’t. The action was great, the character development was good (they keep laying the groundwork for future introduction of familiar mutants) and the […]

Oh crap… I’m on time

April 30, 2003 by Tim

The comic is actually up early today. Early in relation to the time it’s been going up for the past few updates. Rejoice. Just a heads up, the new site design is almost finished. Barring any unforseen circumstances (involving fez-wearing monkeys) it should make its debut this weekend. This means you can expect some site […]

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