July 30, 2006 by Tim

So I got into Chromehounds online this past weekend. I suck terribly at it, but I’m strangely addicted.

I started out with Morskoj, but soon realized they were in the lead. So I switched to Tarakia, which was slightly behind.

I made a squad for the hell of it. If anyone out there wants to join the Steel Potatoes, you’re more than welcome. Password to apply is XYYX. Have at. I think I have to be online to accept applications (weird). I’m usually on evenings I guess. You can send me a friend request (Absath) if that will help you find when I’m on.

Like I said, I’m not that good at the game yet. So if you’re looking for the “uberest noob-pwning elite squad”, this probably isn’t it. But if you want to goof off and try and blow some shit up, come on by.

I’ll talk more about Chromehounds multiplayer on Monday.

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