Citrus flavored joystick

October 11, 2006 by Tim

Just a little good-natured Sony teasing today. Again. Though I think they’ve done plenty in recent months that deserves to be made fun of, honestly, I don’t believe that Sony’s many, many perceived transgressions with this system are going to really impact launch sales all that much. Certainly not as much as the people crying foul would like to think. Those 400,000 consoles will be gone before Christmas. For every one person that whines about the price, there’s another right behind him willing to pay $600 for a Blu-Ray player and games like White Knight Story.

The big question, I feel, centers around the longevity of the system. Sure, they can push out 400,000 systems right away, because it’s new, and people know it’s limited. But they’re going to have to really impress with the games library over the next six months if they want to keep sales up in 2007.

I’ll be buying a PS3 this fall. Aside from the fact that I want a Blu-Ray player (in case it wins the HD format war) and some of the exclusive games coming to the PS3, I also feel it’s my responsibility to own one. Not only as a gamer, but as a cartoonist who makes his living making jokes about games.

It will be fun to watch, come this November though. I’ve already seen a PS3 on eBay for thousands of dollars. Seriously. How stupid are these people? I mean, fine, you want to be a greedy prick and try to capitalize on the shortage. Go for it. But how dumb do you have to be to try and push a markup of some 300% when only an estimated 10% of the North American PS3 allotment has been sold?

You know why people paid $5k for Tickle Me Elmo? Because it was right before Christmas, the toy was already released, and sold out. You don’t stand next to 90% full stock and say “Buy it from me instead. I’ll only charge you three times as much”. Wait for the system to really sell out. Wait until people start to get desperate. Maybe wait until the system is actually in your hands.

I don’t approve of people reserving multiple consoles just to try and turn a profit, thus robbing someone else of a legitimate chance to own one, but if you’re going to be a capitalist pig, at least do it right.

I’m hungry. I want some pineapple.

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