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May 2, 2018 by Tim

When asked how far ahead he’s planned the franchise, God of War’s director responded “five games.”

He later clarified that doesn’t actually mean they’ll make five more, but I’d probably play them if they did. The newest God of War has been  a truly memorable game, and while it’s satisfyingly self-contained, it does obviously leave the door open for more (and me wanting to see more).

The heart of the game is obviously the relationship between Kratos and his son Atreus. And while it works incredibly well from a story-telling perspective, they also did a fantastic job adding Atreus tot he game from a mechanics perspective.

One wrong turn and God of War easily could have ended up a giant obnoxious escort quest. However some very smart decisions have led Atreus to feel like an individual character, but also at the same time, a direct extension of Kratos’ ability toolbox. Working Atreus’ attacks into combat alongside Kratos’ feels natural and responsive, but even left alone Atreus finds ways to contribute.

Not once has he stood stupidly blocking a doorway, gotten stuck on geometry, or in any way hindered the gameplay. It’s a fantastic example of a video-game companion done right.

However its also a dynamic that may need to change if they continue to make games in this series, and I hope that can keep it just as fluid and natural without getting weird about it.

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