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November 1, 2017 by Tim

Holy shit, that Last of Us 2 trailer, huh? I mean, I’m not one to balk at violence in my media, but that was a lot of brutality in a very short amount of time. It felt just a bit gratuitous for a trailer. I wouldn’t doubt for a second that in game, in context, it’s par for the course (after all the first game didn’t exactly skimp on the gore), but for a teaser… I dunno.

Anyway, my wife and I broke down and watched This Is Us a couple of weeks ago, after constantly hearing about it from friends, and seeing the crying memes online and all that stuff over the past year (the memes were legit, by the way. Tears were shed).

So I guess it was floating around towards the top of my mind where it collided with The Last Of Us, and there you have it.

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