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Not again…

November 4, 2002 by Tim

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Old Timer
Old Timer
4 years ago

hey siri, rat poison antidote.

The Legacy
The Legacy
1 year ago
Reply to  Old Timer

What’s Siri?

(This comic was written before there were even SMARTPHONES).

(Christ I’m old)

1 year ago
Reply to  The Legacy

This was a time when we would get AOL install discs in the mail almost weekly. When this comic came out, I had just finally gotten broadband so I could play Everquest.

5 months ago
Reply to  Graz

im very late to this conversation, but i would love to hear more about your early internet escapades and what it was like. im 16 and have been on the internet since i was very little, and would love to know more about what it was like. ^_^

2 months ago
Reply to  hal

Slow. It was slow but we didn’t know it. It was all about going around the house asking if anyone needed to use the phone for the next hour or so (yes THE phone, the landline) and then sitting through a minute of ungodly screeching before the whole world was at our finger tips…or at least episode synopses of a show we did not have the DVD’s for nor had cable.
….It was a lot of fun.