One Rotten Apple…

October 29, 2018 by Tim

Red Dead Redemption 2, more than any other Rockstar game I can think of, is so laid back. There’s just something super chill about hitting the countryside on horseback or getting lost in the mountains tracking a deer, that not even the first game could match. The world is so big, and so richly detailed, that you feel like you could just drown in it, and I often find myself just… traveling. Walking or at a slow trot on my horse. And I love the cinematic camera on horseback, being able to just set a destination, and sit back and enjoy the ride as the game takes over navigation.

So as such, I’m done suffering all these damned fools out there trying to interrupt my peaceful stress-free ride. No sir, you will not approach my horse under false pretenses, only to try and steal it. No lady, you got yourself kidnapped, figure that shit out on your own. Sorry fellas, I don’t believe your wagon just happened to break down there blocking the only bridge forward. I’m gonna start shooting before you’re even within bullshitting distance.

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