Silly #651

December 30, 2018 by Tim

I don’t usually write blogs for Sillies, but this one is warranted, because I would like to stop reading headlines and seeing Bethesda involved in yet another stupid PR disaster.

I like Bethesda. They have given me a lot of fantastic games. So the last month and a half of mistake after mistake have been hard to watch, as a fan of their previous work. From the rocky Fallout 76 launch, to the canvas bag problem, to the shitty customer service response to the canvas bag problem, to the price gouging holiday cosmetic items, and now this Nuka Dark packaging thing.

And let’s be clear: I imagine this rum is a licensed product. I doubt Bethesday decided to get into the booze game. Bethesda sold a company the right to use Fallout branding to make this rum, and so the garbage packaging is, technically, on the licensee. But, Fallout is Bethesda’s brand, and Bethesda is responsible for protecting that brand, and, frankly, they are not doing a great job of it right now. They’ve squandered a lot of fan goodwill over the last month and… I’d just like them to stop.

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