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Stop yelling at me!

October 30, 2002 by Tim

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Old Timer
Old Timer
3 years ago

Is it weird some people will have no idea what this comic piece is talking about, i remember i would go so far as to have earplugs just for these moments.

9 months ago
Reply to  Old Timer

When I was a kid, I looked at the options for AOL. You could choose the volume level for the dial-up noise. By default it was set to Medium, you could make it louder, or actually turn it off all-together.

1 year ago

What was the point of playing the connection noise for most users??

The Legacy
The Legacy
10 months ago
Reply to  Brendan

Good question. Probably for troubleshooting, because you can actually tell when you’re not getting a proper connection. A proper connection had a very distinctive set of notes, but you can actually hear a hang up, or person using the phone, or simply it not making any connection through that little annoying speaker.