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The almighty finger

February 5, 2005 by Tim

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7 years ago

Hey, both nintendo and Sony and Microsoft are awesome.
To be fair, the Gamecube was really only good for a few games+Colesseum for like, what, ten year old me? I got it kinda late though…
Anyways: They are all good things. So theres no need to do that type of debacle,
So I agree with “God” (or “Tim makes his hand really really big with the magical power of illustrator I think”), Console fanboys suck.
Thank you.

2 years ago
Reply to  Hamstermer

The GameCube was good for paper mario

6 years ago

Hey, Westboro Baptist Church, I’ve got a group of people that demands your attention way more than gay people. Please protest the console fanboys immediately.

4 years ago

it pains me to say this, but damn, the ps2 did su

Doctor Disaster
Doctor Disaster
3 years ago

The PS2 was not that bad. I had some fun playing Destroy All Humans, Destroy All Humans 2, Spyro: The Eternal Night, Tetris, and Lego Star Wars.

Robert 'CockRoach' Archer
Robert 'CockRoach' Archer
23 days ago

I played PS2 games, OG Xbox and Gamecube (had all three!) but at the end of the day PC Master race beat them all, only time i used them was when PC didnt have certain games I couldn’t get on PC, just off the top of my head on crappy memory for example: Gamecube: Eternal Darkness, Metroid series, Smash Bros, RE:Zero, RE: Remake, XBox: Halo 1/2 (until both got onto pc), DnD Heroes, Fallout BOS, Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 1/2 PS2: Champions of Norath, Resident Evil Code Veronica, RE:4 Once any of these were on PC or I got them… Read more »