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October 2, 2006 by Tim

So X-men 3 comes out on DVD this week. I know this because I haven’t been able to turn around for the past two weeks without being advertised to about it. It’s been a veritable media blitz. I ordered a pizza last week, and even the fucking pizza box was letting me know about the movie’s impending release.

Did I miss something here? Did they go refilm the movie since I saw it in theaters?
Was Bryan Singer so distraught over the movie they produced, that he came back and redid it for them, in a way that was… good?

I love that they’re hyping up the “ten deleted scenes!” and the “three alternate endings!” on the DVD. That’s like “We fucked it up, so here, build your own movie. Maybe you can make something enjoyable where we failed!”

If you haven’t heard, Robert Downey Jr. has been cast as Tony Stark in the upcoming Iron Man movie. Frankly, I like RDJ (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang most recently), so I’m more than willing to keep an open mind concerning his place in this role. Still open to skepticism, however, will be what they do with the actual Iron Man suit. One could surmise, from the teaser poster, that they’ll be keeping it pretty nice looking. I’ve heard that the suit design in the poster is not final, however they do have an artist from Marvel working to design the suit for the film. Fingers crossed.

In closing, this is pretty funny:

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