March 17, 2014 by Tim

I don’t think I’m very good at Titanfall.

Granted, I’ve only played three matches thus far… in the video game hierarchy, Dark Souls 2 is king, and nearly all of my attention has been focused on that. With Infamous: Second Son out later this week, Titanfall is still in for a bit of a struggle for attention. That’s okay though, Titanfall isn’t going anywhere.

But yeah, three matches, all of them ended in defeat. Clearly I can only shoulder about one fifth of the responsibility, but it’s more that usual in FPS’ with larger matches. I hate to say it, but I think I would have been better off grabbing Titanfall for the PC. I was so wrapped up in the idea that my Xbox One needed this game, perhaps to justify its existence, that I didn’t consider that it would be a twitchier shooter (given its pedigree). And while slower, more deliberate shooters like Halo are great with analog sticks, I feel more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard for the twitchier stuff.

I dig the game regardless though… it’s certainly fun to run around on walls and stomp on stuff in your mech. The epilogue, the chase to the evac ship, is a really nice touch too… an extra thirty seconds of tense gameplay to cap off the match. I guess I’ve lost three matches, but I can hold my head high knowing that I made it to the evac ship all three times.

Gotta start somewhere, even if that somewhere is running the fuck away from where you just were.

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