August 27, 2012 by Tim

Sleeping Dogs continues to hold my attention pretty well… in fact I may even be on track to 100% it, which is a rarity for me. It just does everything so well it’s hard not to love the hell out of the game.

It continues to have a bit of a crisis of conscience though… normally in these sandbox games you’re playing as a criiminal, so you don’t bat an eye at running down pedestrians or crashing into other cars and driving away. In Sleeping Dogs you’re a police officer, so there’s always something in the back of your mind saying “That’s not right…”

If you kill a pedestrian while on a mission, you earn a few less cop experience points for that particular mission. Eventually though, you max out your cop levels, and then who gives a shit if you’re getting less cop experience? Furthermore, if you aren’t on an active main story mission… there’s NO penalty for running over a pedestrian at all. I know it’s China, and they have a population problem, so maybe that’s why they look the other way?

I wouldn’t ask for realistic consequences like “game over” if you accidentally run over an innocent… that’s just no fun. It’s just an interesting observation involved with making the protagonist of the story a supposed “good guy”.

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