Conspiracy theory

June 6, 2008 by Tim

Alrighty, time to change the newspost. I’ve had my say and you’ve had a chance to read it.

I got play a bit of the Bourne Conspiracy game today, and it was pretty enjoyable. It’s not a perfect game, there are a number of minor but frustrating technical and camera-related flaws. Hand-to-hand combat is definitely the game’s strongest draw. It really makes you feel like Jason Bourne. Unfortunately, in comparison the game’s other elements just don’t really stand out for me. The shooting mechanics especially are rather mediocre.

Still, the game offers a fair amount of entertainment, even if it’s just trudging through to get to the next really cool takedown. Someday I’ll sit down and really play it, but that day isn’t here yet. First, The Incredible Hulk game will need a bit of attention, followed by MGS4 next week.

I absolutely loved Ultimate Destruction on the PS2, and everything I’ve seen about the new Hulk game leads me to believe that it follows suit, just with much sexier graphics. I really hope that holds true.

I’ve also been checking out a lot of the exclusive sneak peek Incredible Hulk movie clips that are all over the place, and I’m becoming more and more confident that the movie will be really good. I’m not the “Iron Man” 99% kind of confident, but everything I’ve seen so far, I like.

We all know Dark Knight will be great, so that’s three good super hero flicks for 2008. Not bad. I’m not sure if I’d consider Hancock a super hero flick, but that’s also looking like it could be good.

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