Contest rules clarifications

June 13, 2009 by Tim

To answer some frequently asked questions:

Can I create a Super Villain?

Sure, why not. You can’t play as a villain in Champions Online, but you can create your Hero’s own Super Villain Arch Nemesis, so it still falls within the spirit of the contest.

What if it isn’t possible to create my hero in the game?

It doesn’t matter. You would have to have access to the game to know what powers/costume options are available anyway. Just create your hero (or villain) however you wish.

Can I submit more than one hero?

If you’ve got a head full of ideas and nothing to do for the next few days, go ahead and submit whatever you want. You won’t be disqualified for multiple submissions. However, each hero (or villain) must be submitted in a separate email.

Additionally, please include your full name with your submission, so that I can credit you if your hero (or villain) wins. Remember to send your submission from an email address that you have access to and check regularly.

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