August 27, 2007 by Tim

Thanks for all the feedback concerning the Player One/Player Two shirts. We’re definitely going to go ahead and print them. Then sometime down the road I’ll see about maybe doing  Player Three/Player Four.

When we put out new merchandise I like to put up a bunch of items at once, so in case somebody wants multiple items, it saves on shipping. So when these new shirts go up, and probably the magnets as well, we’re also going to go ahead with a shirt like this, which people have been asking for, and I’ve been promising for a month now:

A couple of games ship this week that I’m excited about. First off, Tiger Woods 08. I liked Tiger Woods 07 and, after I bought a 360 for my parents for Christmas last year, was able to play online with my Dad for a while. And then he got too good and I couldn’t keep up.

I view Tiger Woods 08 as a fresh slate. I can pick up the game again, some things/courses will be a little different, and my Dad and I will be on fairly even ground again. And with the GamerNet service, I think there will be quite a bit to do. Now if only more games would start allowing multiple people to play in online matches from a single console. Especially a turn-based game like golf. Two people should be able to play from one console.

The other game I’m excited about is Metroid Prime 3, because it’s been ages since I’ve played a Metroid game, and it’s arriving hot on the heels of me finally finishing Twilight Princess, and I’m in a Wii sort of mood.

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