Cover your shame!

November 3, 2004 by Tim

The biggest news I have today is the debut of the first of the newest Ctrl+Alt+Del shirts. Four new designs are available, with more on their way over time.

These shirts are scheduled to begin shipping around December 1st. You’ll notice the shirts are available in a new store. ZeStuff will be handling the distribution of all Ctrl+Alt+Del shirts and posters from now on. This is good for you because it means you will receive your merchandise faster, and there will be better customer support ready to help you. It’s better for me because it means I get to spend less time shipping and dealing with customer service, and more time focusing on comic-related stuff.

I will still continue to distribute CAD Volume One out of the Gamer Warez store for the time being. Any orders with Gamer Warez, such as the books, and the Chef Brian Limited Edition tees will still be handled by me.

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