Cthulhuphant Lives!

September 14, 2011 by Tim

As you may remember, last month we ran a little contest to design a new hero for Heroes of Newerth. David Flax’s Cthulhuphant idea was voted most popular. At that point I brought my concept sketch for Cthulhuphant to the folks at S2Games, and we started designing his abilities and tweaking his final appearance.

I’m excited to show you guys the final artwork for Heroes of Newerth’s Cthulhuphant!

I think he turned out pretty badass, and from what I’m hearing from the guys at S2Games, they’re having a blast playing him in their test games.

Right now Cthulhuphant is scheduled to hit Heroes of Newerth on September 23rd. His model is done, and they’re just finishing up the textures, so as soon as I get some in-game screenshots, I’ll post them up. I’ll also have the go-ahead to give you a preview of his abilities this Friday!

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