Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 Box Set Copies For Sale

November 28, 2015 by Tim

Books are now up for order.

On Wednesday December 2nd, at 12 noon EST, I am going to put 250 copies of the Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 Box Set up for sale. This represents the remaining stock we have left in our EU shipping location. These also represent the best chance for non-US customers to obtain a decent shipping rate. Once these copies are sold, all of our remaining extras for sale will be coming from the United States location, which means if you order one of those to AUS or the EU, it’s going to be mighty expensive.

These 250 copies will ship anywhere except to the United States. US readers interested in purchasing this set (along with anyone else that doesn’t snag one of these 250) will have an opportunity after we have finished fulfilling our US Kickstarter rewards in the next couple of weeks and see how many copies we have left at our US location. 

Canadian backers might also wish to wait for the US orders to open… shipping costs won’t be drastically different, but it may be a few dollars less.

The copies of this Box Set that exist are the only ones that will exist, and once these leftover copies are sold, that’s it. They’re gone and I’m moving on to the next project. If you didn’t back the Kickstarter or pre-order immediately after, these final leftover copies (the ones in the France and US warehouses) will be the last chance to own this set in this form.

And finally, check out the November Loot Crate!

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