May 11, 2007 by Tim

Just for the record, I don’t have any sort of inside information here that nobody else has. FF13 has not been announced for the 360. Sony has only announced that the game is “not exclusive to the PS3”. That could mean anything. I’m just playing with it.

Today marks my return to work after my little vacation. A couple of weeks back I did a bunch of comics in advance, so I could take some time off and relax and turn my attention to other projects. Well, that little nestegg of comics ran out on Wednesday, so yesterday it was back to the drawing table.

It was a nice break though. I caught up on some games, breathed new life into another comic project that I’ve been working on since last October. I also got back into Vanguard, which I’d been dying to do since I got too busy to play around the time of Digital Overload. Started a new character on Florendyl by the name of Absath. Feel free to say hello if you play on that server.

Have you guys seen the new Crackdown content coming to the Marketplace? It was supposed to hit yesterday (the 10th) but it didn’t. I’ve got my fingers crossed for today. This is all the motivation I need to finally go back and find those last eight orbs. That have haunted me so.

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